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Re: Re: H5P - TIki 17

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Hi John,
sorry to hear about your frustration :-(
I personally also hate regressions introduced aka it-worked-before-and-now-it-is-broken (again) but dunno how to prevent these... we are relaying on volunteers and testing more before they commit the enhancement (they believe is fine) would certainly help but how to force this on them I don't know. We all make mistakes sometimes and we do not have simply the manpower to watch all commits and test them properly. We need more people like you. Thanks for being an active member!

BTW: I added some comments on these two bug reports from you, I hope that helps to lower the frustration level somehow for you ;) Will try to look into the code if it is an easy fix (as I think it is) later but I need to earn some money now, sorry again ...