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Features / Usability

How to hide the default application menu?

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I'm using tiki 18 and try bulid a custom application menu.
This was sucsessfull. But I'm unable to hide the Default menu.
I also tried to copy the Default menu and modify this, but the menu ID 44 will not be displayed. Insted there ist displayed the default menu ID 42 and my customized Menu ID 43.

How to do?
Maybe the default menu only for the admin will be perfekt.

Pls help me. Bild 1

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Solved it by my own.

Sorry, but I searched verry often, very poperly and at least I got it after posting my prob :-)
Link to documentation

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Glad you find !

It’s a year now I usually set the Admin menu (module) at the bottom of my Tikis and recreate a new menu for users/customers usage on the topbar.

FYI, They are discussions to change the actual menu (left col) in Tiki defaults for something more modern.