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link to URL in a tracker field

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I would like to ask if someone can tell me how to put a link to a URL in a tracker field, but but without showing the address, but a text of the same or another field in the same tracker.
As a normal link in html: text to show
The URL type field works fine, but always shows the URL.

Thank you very much

Santi Peralta

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Ola Santiago,

On the tracker field url parameters you have quite a few option for the way the url should be displayed.
Did you tested ?

I recall a parameter in the dropdown (the last one) to show a unique piece of text (click me...)

Let us know if it worked for you !

Else, plugin list + a few parameters/design will work flawlessly.

posts: 42 Spain

Yes, it is, the URL field has some configuration options, and one of them is to show a text instead of the URL, but it is a single text for all the records of the tracker, and I need to write a diferent text in each record,
What a pity.......
I had thought to use the trackerfilter plugin to show the data, I don't know if I'll can solve this with trackerfilter plugin. I will look at it

Thank you very much for you help.

Santi Peralta