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Re: Plugin LIST (with tracker) only works for admins

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Thanks you all for you help.
But... nothing has worked for me.

I have verified that the problem is that only with the "tiki_p_admin" permission can the LIST plugin be used.
Users without administrator permission can access the trackers and all others functions, but not run a page with the LIST plugin.

This only happens with the online tiki.
With the test tiki that I have installed in local (with wamp), everything works fine.

So I think it's a problem of permissions, but I've already tried to give all the permissions to a group, except the "tiki_p_admin" and that's when the LIST plugin does not work. Uffffffffffffffffffffff

Now I'm working with 18.0 and I'm thinking on updating to 18.1, to see if this is fixed.

Any other sugestion?

Thank you very much and best regards


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