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How to display all Subitems of a Menu-Item?

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Hi Guys,

I'm lookig for the posibility to display all Subitems of a Main-Menu Item during visiting any of the mentioned pages below.
For Example:

in future, maybe i create also a 3rd level ...

While reading the Page "ER" Ilike to see all Menu-Items (other Main-Items an all Sub-items) but actually, when I click the page of the Subitems, all sup-items disapear and onle the Main-Items are displayed.

I'm using Wiki 18.1.

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Sorry, I wasn't able to go online :-(

Do you start any further open hours?

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I tried to report this bug. But unfortunatly no subject were accepted. So i like to please you to copy my report for the bug reports:

I'm using tiki 18 and I like to use the bootstrap navigation with the Feb12-Theme and I want to display all subitems of the Navigation selected if one of the pages ist opend.

I tried every option in "menu typ" d, e and f. But none changed the behavoir of the navigation. When I click the Subpage, the navigation will be close again.
But now, the User get lost in navigation and can't see the other subitems.

During a round tabel we fond a solution without bootstrap:

But the style isn't as likely as the bootstrap. There will be always displayed every subitem of every main-nagigation. I like that there will be only displayed the subitems of the main-navigation the current page is located.

Pls help me and fix it. My fellows of the Diving Centre will be very glad for this gain of conveniece.
pic1 shows the the main navigation with the subitems when clicking to the main navigation item
pic2 shows the navigation when one of the subitem (in this case "Hemmoor" is opened).
In this case, I like to the the same navigation on the left side like ini pic1
pic3 shows the settings for the Navigation
pic4 shows the used Navigations

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During an Open Table, we found an easy way to fix ist.

I'm using the Feb12-Theme and the bootstrap Navigation
My Isue: If a Subpage of the vetrical Navigation is selected, all other Subitems of the navigation should be visible. Changing the Paramters for the navigation had no impact

So got ot the modules, "left" an do the following changes the parameters:

as result all main menu-itmes will be displayed with a symbol infront and all subitems are permanten displayed.