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How does one remove an alias clash?

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If one goes to


Tiki returns the about page. However, if one navigates to


Apache returns a 404. I have tried removing the page entirely and recreating it to no avail. I have also tried adding the "about" alias to the About page, however, tiki just adds the alias "about-2".

WTF is going on? How do I fix this?



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Sounds like your server is using case-sensitivity (hence the difference between About and about).

I believe you can use the mod_speling module to have your server re-direct to the (case-insensitive) page. Please see the docs for details.


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I have now enabled mod_speling but no change. Any other suggestions?

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The weird thing is that Geek.Zone/handbook and Geek.Zone/Handbook both work fine...
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You have an awesome domain name!
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Ha ha! Thanks Marc! Geek.Zone is a registered charity that promotes mental well being and social inclusion. We use Tiki because we committed to openness from day 1 (or day 0 if you are a programmer) and want all members to be able to edit everything, as well as do all the social stuff.

We actually have some voluntary Geek.Zone/Jobs available, most of which are Tiki orientated. The most interesting is membership management, as we (as I'm sure many others) need to be able to charge for membership. Where would be the best place to post that?