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Search in different languages

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Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist wrote:


Naming EN and DE them is not enough.
Did you assign the corresponding language to the page ? (edit-properties)

Thank you for your answer
The test pages had set the respective language and the title was chosen simply to show the problem.
In our wiki we have program functions whose page titles in different languages partly have the same content that you would search for.

Problem seems to be the missing language parameter when running the search via the search widget:

In the search module there is the field "Additional filters".
But even if I add the parameters there, it has no effect on the search result:

And even if it would work I would have to display different search widgets depending on the language.

search module (with additional filters):

search page:

Do I have to embed the filter differently?
Is it possible to add the parameter directly in the source code of the search module?