Extending built-in Tiki-text editor with custom made features?

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What is the best strategy/most Tiki-idiomatic way to add new features to the built-in plaintext Tiki-text editor? Among other things, for my organisation, I would like to add additional buttons, which, when clicked execute custom-made code, and insert custom-made expressions into the Tiki text-field. (Note - we do have professional-level programming expertise in house.)

(Some code may be so general, btw, that we could contribute it back to the Tiki community.)

Some thoughts that crossed my mind:

- Can this be done without directly manipulating the Tiki main source code? (Which we self-evidently do not prefer, we do not want to create a diverging fork of the Tiki project.)

- Are "Tiki Plugins" the "right" way to go?

- If so, can we indeed adapt the existing plain-text editor? Or do we have to develop an alternative/independent text editor (from the ground up) in the form of a Tiki Plugin?

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Thank you so much,