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Problem when deleting a Wiki page

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After updating from 18.2 to version 21.2, deleting a wiki page with the checkbox "Remove all versions" set does not work.
Only the last version is deleted.

Does anyone know of an option that could be responsible for this? Because with an empty database I do not have the problem.

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Hi Christoph,

Please note, that after any update/upgrade it's always recommended to 'Re-Index' before getting started with work (and I always 'clear cache' before indexing, as well).

My preferred way of finding this (though there are many):
Left Menu > Settings > Tiki Cache / System Admin. After clearing cache, there is a link in the box at the top to the 'Search' Feature, and at the top of the 'Search' page is the 're-index' button.


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Thank you very much for the answer.
Unfortunately, only the last revision of a page is still deleted afterwards.