Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

BigBlueButton Version and Connection

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just to your acknowledge: An expert about BigBlueButton checkt Tiki-connection to BBB. He said: "We have now configured bbbserver.de in the Tiki online demo and also see the "zero" error. ... Tiki can communicate with our system without any problems and also creates conferences. The problem is that joining a conference doesn't work because Tiki is doing something strange. The join command does not even arrive at our server, but Tiki does something internally beforehand that leads to the null (zero) display.
We took a quick look at the Tiki code (it's open source) but couldn't find any sticking point on the fly. You would have to download Tiki and go to troubleshooting with a development environment. Of course we cannot do this for reasons of time. We have also seen that Tiki is not well programmed (things of the BigBlueButton API are checked very incorrectly; errors then sometimes correct each other by "chance" etc.)." Are there plans to correct the programming?