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Architecture / Installation

admin Account requires administrator approval error

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The Upgrade

I upgraded from Tikiwiki 18.5 to 18.7 using a softaculous script. The upgrade completed without error. The tiki-install reported an error so I updated to UTF-8 encoding. I could not log into the admin account after the upgrade, but could login into existing user accounts. I got the error: (admin) Account requires administrator approval.

I ran the tiki-install.php script again and included the admin account on the lost admin privileges section of the installer script. This did not clear up the problem. I tried to change the password using phpMyAdmin with the command:

`UPDATE `users_users` SET `hash`= md5('admin') WHERE `login`='admin';

where admin is a placeholder for the actual password. I tried this with another user account, but Tikiwiki won't let me login using the new password by this method. It does not seam to work.

I thought this might be a bug and upgraded again to 12.2. The error: (admin) Account requires administrator approval still occurred.

Admin Lockout Hack

I was able to change the admin login to the admin email address using phpMyAdmin and then use I forgot my password to change the admin password. I then changed the admin login email back to just admin. Now, I'm able to access the admin control panels.

This leads to the following questions.

  • Is there a better way to fix this?
  • The database crashes when I select remember me for a week. Is there a way to fix this other than having to run the tiki-install.php every time it happens?
  • Should I make the LDAP admin user password in the login control panel the same as the admin user login password?

Anyway, nice work on the updates. I'm really like be able to also use markdown syntax in my blogs.