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What is the Markdown syntax for using images in the image gallery?

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Hi Jay,
thanks! You can use the following markdown syntax in Tiki if you have SEFURLs enabled:

![My Image](./display14)

Lets test it here:

My Image

Optionally you can add some attributes:

![My Image](./display2188?x=640 "Tiki Oven"){.img-fluid width="400"}

See the Commonmark docs: https://commonmark.thephpleague.com/1.5/extensions/attributes/


waterglass wrote:

The Markdown plugin is wonderful. What syntax do you use to access images in the gallery (database)? In Markdown, I would include an image with the following code:

![My Image](./photos/myimage.jpg)

With Tiki I would reference an image from the galley with the following code:

{img width=400 id=14}

I guessed at the following syntax but neither one generates an image.

![My photo](img width=400 id=14)
@import "img width=400 id=14"

I haven't found any documentation on how to access images using Markdown plugin syntax. Would someone post a link to the Markdown language reference showing how to access Tiki Wiki images or suggest the proper syntax when uses the Markdown plugin to Tiki Wiki?
Jay Morreale