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Architecture / Installation

Bitnami 22.1 installation Database Error

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Marc Laporte wrote:

Can you run the installer at tiki-install.php to see what the errors are?

If you don't apply the profile, is all OK? (Could also be an issue with the profile, but I don't see why it would cause a DB error)

The error still occurs if the profile is not run. I think when a new page is created the error message appears.

I have done a re-install of the database. This involved

  • deleting the lock file
  • finding the db name and password
  • re-running the install process.

This has led to a successful installation. I note that windows defender messages requesting permission for MySQL access and Apache2 access occurred, (granted). Perhaps the Bitnami installation should advise turning off firewalls during installation. I might try rerunning the installation with Windows Defender turned off.

The only annoyance that remains is an error message saying Invalid YouTube URL provided. This happened on every installation, but I "parked" that problem previously.