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Architecture / Installation

Bitnami 22.1 installation Database Error

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jpurssey wrote:

The error still occurs if the profile is not run. I think when a new page is created the error message appears.

I have done a re-install of the database. This involved

  • deleting the lock file
  • finding the db name and password
  • re-running the install process.

This has led to a successful installation. I note that windows defender messages requesting permission for MySQL access and Apache2 access occurred, (granted). Perhaps the Bitnami installation should advise turning off firewalls during installation. I might try rerunning the installation with Windows Defender turned off.

The only annoyance that remains is an error message saying Invalid YouTube URL provided. This happened on every installation, but I "parked" that problem previously.

The server test shows multiple problems. PDF of output attached.

However, the Personal Blog profile has installed successfully with no database problems. It does cause the Invalid YouTube URL error message