Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

... "Are you crazy" ? .... Offer to help with install guidelines

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Hi folks,

im following your project for a longer time - until a few weeks ago I read only about features and whats going on in development.

I decided to rent a V-Server using plesk and got quite comfortable with Plesk and I liked to install Tiki on a subdomain.

At this point all of my problems startet ...
Im going to run a configuration with several subdomains like
-tiki.example.com (for my private use to make appointments and share knowledge like a kind of intranet)
-support.example.com (for my businesshelpdesk)
-learn.example.com (for my businessmodell)

checked eg
which does NOT reflect eg. MySQL and/or apache and/or Letsencrypt already preconfigured and running on a VServer.

checked also

checked also
the *docs* at wiki

in fact ...
if a "Newbie" tries to install its a job for hell.

ATM im looking for a way to get this:

into a simple access to

... but ... damn no community to find ...

... If there - pls link ... in german language much appreciated ...

... At little later times I´ll provide a guideline "How to install" on a VServer using Plesk for example. `Cause there a some things to care about.

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Hello Alexander,

... "Are you crazy" ? .... Offer to help with install guidelines

I kindly suggest you to rewrite your request using a single and clear question with a descriptive title to allow people to help you. As you indicate within your notes (VServer, subdomains, Ubuntu, Plesk), your issue seems to me more related to server administration.

You can also get help in "all direction", in German and so, hire a consultant. 🤷🏻‍♂️

About (purely) Tiki installation;
You should be able to easily install Tiki from the release package or the Git version (for developers or advanced).

There is also a Tiki manager to more control and ease managing several Tikis.

Good luck,

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