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From: Luis Argerich
2003-10-31 12:50

When coding the PHP code for an activity you can use any of the available TikiWiki Classes and methods, so I was thinking about writing a popup that can be raised showing the available objects and the methods (and arguments) available in those objects.

For example if you are building a process to let users request wiki pages to be created and admin approve them you will want to use the $tikilib->create_page($params) method. Unless you are one of the TikiWiki devels it will be hard to figure out how to create a page and perform other wiki related activities without a popup help.

Unfortunately PHP funcionality is not enough because you cannot get the parameter names of a method so unless somebody has a brilliant idea I guess this will have to be coded manually.

The popup should show available tikiwiki objects that can be used and a short description of what each object does. Once an object is selected the popup will list the methods that can be called from that object and the parameters.

Unfortunately I don't have enough time to write the whole thing but I think it would be a very nice addition to 1.8 and for new developers it can be a great way to learn the TikiWiki API and contribute.

If somebody is interested in doing this or has a better idea to do it please go ahead.


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