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It will be great if every tikiwiki users have more than just a personal wiki page, but also personal gallery, and testimonial.
And of course userlist to find other users. :P.
It even better if the user can be categorized according to their school or work place for examples.

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You can allow registered users to create Image Galleries and File Galleries and only they by default can upload content into them. THose can be setup through admin->Groups

All Wiki pages can be categorised. So providing you have a suitable category base setup in TikiWiki, then your UserPages can be categorised accordingly.

There is a user list ;) http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-list_users.php or click Community on the menu


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I mean in every User Information page, there is link, and possibly previews of user photo collections. And there is also comment system for User Information ( not only userpage)this would be the equivalent of testimonial in friendster.
And for the equivalent of friends in friendster, i think it would be better if http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-friends.php show also the avatars and if they click their friends, they will show the friend`s of their friends,

Of course tikiwiki is not specially designed for something like friendster. But it will be nice if some of those friendster features can be applied in tikiwiki

Thx a lot.biggrin

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Damian said:

There is a user list ;) http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-list_users.php or click Community on the menu

Is that true only for 1.9+? I was just about to try creating my own user list page for 1.8.4 but then found this thread. I can't find tiki-list_users.php or Community in 1.8.4. :-(

I might try copying tiki-list_users.php back from 1.9.x to 1.8.4... unless anyone can give me a good reason why that's a bad idea before I start..? ;)


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One of the key features of http://spoke.com is the ability to turn your outlook address book in to a database on the spoke server, which then enables you to network with these folks and measure the strength of your relationship to them. It facilitates the formation of professional and personal alliances.

What would have to happen for TikiWiki to end up with a very, very robust socia networking feature which I suppose is now called the "Friendship Network"? How do I best participate in a feedback process to help make this happen here? Who is handling that code chunk?

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I'm working on that, although I haven't coded it for some time, but for next year we got a project that will sponsor community features development.

I'm happy to see other people interested. Currently there's not much about being friend of other people, but for next months we'll be working on peer-review, communities (based on group, check UserPagemarclaporte on some ideas about groups, that's probably the way we're going) and karma system.

You can contribute by giving ideas, testing, if you can code be free to implement your ideas wink

Luis aka batawata

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Hello everybody,
I am new here and not much of a good developer.. nonetheless I have a lot of opinions biggrin.

Just a couple of thoughts, I wanted to throw into the discussion:
-I think integrating FOAF would be great for tikiwiki (www.foaf-project.org)
-maybe a specific wiki template for people would be great. then the 3D view would actually show ones relationsships.

My $.02,

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