No theme with tiki 13.1 ?

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I recently upgraded from 12.2 to 13.1. As expected, my customized fivealive theme didn't work properly anymore. Anyway, I would like to use one of the themes Tiki features (as the ones we can test here), but my theme folder is empty. Is that normal?
How to use for exemple Feb12 theme instead of Default Bootstrap? Is it possible to download it somewhere? I have spent a lot of time on http://themes.tiki.org but have not been able to find out.

Can somebody help me?

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Gary, to bulk up or not to bulk up, I vote for not bulking up with un-neccessary Word Press stuff. I only mentioned it because it seemed like it would have added more options in themeing. But after reading more about it here, I think sticking with the nice Tiki bootstrap themes we have is a wonderful idea, and let folks customize as they see fit. after all, if you want a Word Press look for a wiki, go use Word Press and download one of the wiki plugins. I have gone that exploratory route, I created a Wordpress site and investigated the various wiki plugins which were in my humble opinion lacking. There was a paid plugin for a wiki but it was, well, costly.

Keep Tiki as light as possible, we can learn to customize the awesome bootstrap stuff we have now. I'm willing to start to get a little dirty with codeing, I need to learn it and how to use it.

Sorry for hijackign this topic,



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Nothing here, erased text in dumb reply.


Sorry, I failed to reply the other day, and forgot to try again. Thanks to Gary Cunningham-Lee answer, I found the Feb12 theme by selecting Bootstrap themes in the "styles" directory. This is not very intuitive to me, but finally very simple.


Hi globulle,

yes the previous system to have themes in a folder /styles was kind of semi-logical ;-) , but came from the fact, that back then Tiki themes literally have been consisting out of custom (or legacy) styles + default templates.

Additionally it was possible since long to add style related custom templates in templates/styles/themename.

So a theme was style + template, but not used very much this way, as indeed not really logical.

From Tiki 12 Louis-Philippe did refactor the layout system, especially the template directory structure and custom template allocation and prepared everything for selfcontained themes in a new directory /themes, which after the Bootstrap implementation (mainly Gary plus a few guys) came into place. /themes replaces /styles and /templates/styles.

New structure:

Tiki 13 is kind of a necessary intermediate release, which had to contain parts of both worlds (old and new).

I recommend you to as soon as possible upgrade to 14 and you will see, that themes related structures are quite more logical there.

Best regards

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