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Filter external feed?

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Is there any way to Filter the external feeds? Election year is rather annoying and My viewers would prefer to not see that kind of stuff.
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Warning, the following suggests making changes to Tiki code, use at your own risk.

There isn't currently an external feed filter option. You could make the code change below to add one.

Create a tracker, name does not matter, keep the tracker ID number.
Add a field to the tracker, Type: Text field, name does not matter, keep the field ID number.
Use this tracker to hold the filter strings.

At the top of lib/rss/rsslib.php, before the lines:

class RSSLib extends TikiDb_Bridge

Add these lines so it looks like:

global  $rssfilterwordlist;
     $rssfilterwordlist = TikiLib::lib('trk')->get_all_items("tracker id number","field id number",'opc');

class RSSLib extends TikiDb_Bridge

Put your Tracker id number where it has "tracker id number" and field id number where it has "field id number".

Then in the function, insert_item, change these lines:

private function insert_item( $rssId, $data, $actions )


private function insert_item( $rssId, $data, $actions )
            global $rssfilterwordlist;
            foreach ($rssfilterwordlist as $filterword) {
            if (strpos($data['description']." ".$data['title'], $filterword) !== FALSE) { return; }}

Insert the word(s) you want to filter in the tracker.

Filter is case sensitive. Be careful, the filter word will be matched even if it is part on another word, "election" will reject "selection".
Padding filter words with space does not work, but you can have multiple words with spaces in between them as a filter word.

The code above applies the filter to both the "title" and "description". You could change it to "strpos($data['title'], $filterword)", if you only want the filter words applied to the "title", or "strpos($data['description'], $filterword)" , if you only want the filter words applied to the description.

I think this will work in Tiki 9 through Tiki 15, but I only tested it on Tiki 14.


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Hi Tom and dracozny

Feel free to commit a general solution for Tiki (maybe add a text area in the corresponding "Control panel" so that the word list can be set as a preference (without the need to set up trackers for that), and then get the RSS feeds filtered as you say?

See how to get commit access:


and what's the development model of Tiki:

Welcome to the Tiki Community! :-)