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Allowing people to edit wiki

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Fiona Nevell wrote:
I’ve been trying to setup a group who can edit my Tiki wiki but the only ones who can edit the wiki are the admins. I am clearly missing something simple.

Dear Fiona,
You need to help us to help you when you post . 🙏

  • What is this Tiki version ?
  • "edit my Tiki wiki" is anything but clear. (we can understand you meant "edit Wiki pages")
  • Improve describing the issue; what you want, what you see, how you set it.

Fiona Nevell wrote:

I have four groups - admin, registered, anonymous & editors. The registered and editor groups have Can view pages, Can edit pages and Can upload pictures checked but people assigned to them cannot do any of this. Registered & Editors inherit permissions from Anonymous.
People I assign as Admins can edit pages.

Assuming you are using at least a Tiki19+, you can use the permission module https://doc.tiki.org/Module-permissions to check what permissions are applied to a page.

Also, did you:

There are way to apply permissions for groups of objects based on categories.
May be you'll find information in a Tiki Express Tutorial I did about roles and permissions; https://youtu.be/9yJ7JH4245Y

Hope this helps,