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FullCalendar license issue after Tiki upgrade

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I upgraded from Tiki18 to TIki24. The site uses the TrackerCalendar plugin (based on FullCalendar). I've been using the "free" (MIT license version) with no issues.

However, following the upgrade, I now get a Your license key is invalid message:

The More info link takes me to https://fullcalendar.io/docs/schedulerLicenseKey#invalid which discusses issues for users of the Premium version. But, as stated above, I'm using the Free (MIT) version.

Anyone else using the TrackerCalendar plugin with Tiki24? How do I set the license type to the free version?



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Hi Rick,

My understanding is that there is no more free version for the full calendar.
It even broke the calendar early Tiki24.

Ricardo committed a fix, so the Calendar is visible but with a warning about the license key.
To continue using it you need to pay $480 (if I remember correctly) and enter the license key at /tiki-admin.php?page=calendar&highlight=calendar_fc_premium_license

It is possible that a different calendar (free) is implemented for Tiki26 (not heard about for Tiki25) ...

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Hm.... the free version is definitely still an option, as noted here:

So, are you saying that the Tiki plugin now supports only the Premium(paid) license, and there's no plugin for the Standard? :-(

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That's my understanding of the situation.

The last commit about it has been made to allow the feature to work under the actual conditions with in mind the idea of finding something else to replace the actual full-calendar package.

I can't remember where it was discussed (ticket comment, avan.tech or devlist), but this is the commit: https://gitlab.com/tikiwiki/tiki/-/merge_requests/1754

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