Features / Usability

Features / Usability

Timed (hours not dates) notification based on tracker items

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Some "kind" of progress...

Preserve the limit time for completion
I ended creating a second Date and Time field to store the hour the task should have been completed (and from which value an alert should be sent).

Duplication of things but... it works.

Now on item duplication this field is not modified (so alert will be everyday at 8:00 if item has not been completed)

Filter items where now > limit time for completion + 1hour
ie: if a limit time for completion = 6:00 and an hour has passed => send alert.

To filter in a list execute the items that passed 1 hour I played with the plugin list and finally got it like this

{filter range="tracker_field_momentTimeForTheEndOfTheTask" to="-1hour" gap="1 hour"}

It look weird to me but it work.

To be continued...

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