Features / Usability

Features / Usability

How/Where to include/install and use foreign Vue components eg range slider from unpkg etc.?

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Aris Bernotas wrote:
Also, we need to rethink/edit the fields and make use of that board... What do you think?

Hello Aris,

Sorry for the delay I missed this message. (but we discussed already in the chat)

I have created several tickets and wishes about Kanban and usage.

As it is now (Tiki25) and while it is awesome I don't have real life usage for end users (if you are admin it is usable but more complicate in overall Tiki registered user case).

The investment that was done here (by Marc Laporte and Evoludata) is certainly already big and it has certainly been done with some plans concerning their own usage.

While I invested a good amount of time on testing and documenting it, I'm not investing a penny nor have a paying customer interested to say anything more or suggest about Kanban.

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