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Architecture / Installation

i can't delete the tracker.. (tiki version 16.2)

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I upgraded to 16.2 and I can't for some reason delete the test tracker I did. It throws a "forbidden" message when i tyr to do it, even though I am a admin on the server. (the main admin).
Please see the screen cast below:

Any ideas on how to fix this?


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It works for me in 15.x. Can you please add a bug report and a show.tiki.org instance about it where you reproduce the issue?
(See above where it says: "First time visitor? Read this first, please (click here)" )

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In my local Tiki 15 installation, when I click the "delete" and confirm with the button in the popup, the deleted tracker continues to be shown because the page didn't refresh after the delete. When I refresh the page, then the tracker is no longer listed.

I see in your screencast that you went to another page and came back to the tracker list, but sometimes the returned-to page is shown from the browser cache and not actually retrieved again from the server. So I just want to check with you that the tracker is in fact not deleted when you refresh the tracker listing.

I can delete trackers here too (like Xavi) though strictly speaking my installation isn't exactly the Tiki 15.2 release.

-- Gary

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The message is showing very fast.. it says "forbidden". Pretty much it..

i have absolutely no idea on how to fix this.. redface

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Sorry, I have no idea. I (and it looks like, others, too) are unable to duplicate your issue.

Maybe try posting to the dev list? You may need to give someone access to your site and server in order to troubleshoot.


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Alright, thanks.

I guess i just to live with that for now...

It's not that this a mission critical thing.. wink It just a bit annoying..

Thanks to you all.