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Architecture / Installation

Installing Cartograf Profile

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I have a new installation of TW15.2, and followed the instructions for installing the Cartograf profile.
However there does not seem to be any home page or map page . I get a 404 error when I click on any of the top or left menu items. If I try to create a new wiki page called "HomePage" the screen pops up as in the attached image. But save does not work, and I get sent to the 404 page again.

Have I done something wrong? Or left something out?

The site is www.khuts.org/history
I have created a demo user with password of khademo.

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Hi nirvine,

you have not yet setup "SEF URL" (Search Engine Friendly URL), although you activated it.

For the SEF URL you need to copy the _htaccess file in your Tiki installation root and rename the copy to .htaccess.

In short: ths .htaccess file (only on Apache servers!) "cuts" away the "tiki-index.php?page=" part of the url and "translates between internal codewise "tiki-index.php?page=HomePage" and "HmePage".

Depending on the individual server settings that can be all to do on the server (usually) but smetimes that is not enough and rarely you get into situations to discuss with the providers support.

In Tiki then you need to activate the feature in
and there you can anytime switch it on and off until you found the right setup.

If you cannot yet login due to amissing menu (should not be), use this one:

Until you set up your SEF URl or you switch it back off, you can access your site either via:

When you switch the feature off, you can use again:

Best regards,

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Copying the _htaccess file to .htaccess did the trick!
Many Thanks.